iPhone Lightning Headphones Reviewed
Ultimate Ears

Lightning Cable for Ultimate Ears With SL Connector

The dropping of the headphone jack shook the audiophile community to its core.

You could not find a group of people who could care less about the saves space or more compact “design factor” achieved by removing the headphone jack. To them, that jack was sacrosanct. lost headphone jack

Apple offered a half hearted solution in the form of yet another over-priced dongle.

But Apple’s dongle is ugly…and does little to enhance the sound, instead simply serving the singular purpose of “adapting” lightning ports to 3.5mm ports.

How to Use Expensive IEMs with Apple Products Then?

What kind of jabroni wants to rock an Apple dongle with their $599 IEMS? That would be like bolting on a lazy automatic transmission to a brand new Ferrari. dongles

Thankfully a handful of third party electronics manufacturers came to the rescue offering lightning cable options for their high end earphones.

First on the scene was Strikeline with a lightning cable replacement for Bose headphones.

Later came Ablet and NeoMusica with more lightning replacement cables for both Bose and Sennheiser.

Recently though headphone companies themselves are releasing their own lightning replacement cables to pair with their high end IEMs.

Shure recently released a swappable lightning cable for their IEMs. Alo Audio also released a high end lightning cable for their custom Campfire Audio IEMs.

Another giant of the audiophile world has just released their cable…

Lightning SL Cable for UE IEMs

Ladies and gentleman, the Ultimate Ears lightning cable with SL connector!

EU lightning cable

This cable is 48 inches long, transparent and dripping with the quality we’ve come to expect from Ultimate Ears, at the price point we expect.

You can buy this new EU cable for Apple products at EU’s official website here.

You can now grab a lightning cable for your UE IEMs so you can enjoy your music on the go with your iPhone 7, 8, X or iPad!



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