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Best Lightning Headphones for New iPhone Models

Finally, the design overhaul we have all been waiting for has been bestowed upon the masses, satiating our need for the latest and greatest from the wizards at Apple. From the new OLED screen to the dazzling tech hidden within the new form factor, the iPhone 8 is truly impressive, not to mention the all new future-proof iPhone X. Still,

iPhone 8 wireless charging

iPhone 8 Will Allow Charging & Listening Capabilities

It’s no secret, this blog is written by people who L-O-V-E lightning-cable headphones. Why? Well it could be because the high-res sound you get out of headphones with a lightning cable is objecively fantastic sounding. Another reason for our love of lightning connected cans is because, well they are connected and NOT bluetooth. Bluetooth (and thus Apple Airpods) is great