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Steve Wozniak Wins Captain Obvious Award For Headphone Jack Comments

Steve Wozniak has never been guarded in his opinions of Apple and the direction the company is going. Frequently critical, Wozniak has been making headlines recently over what are perhaps some of the most obvious opinions regarding Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Woz on iPhone 7

Here are just a few of the recent lackluster headlines:

As you can see there are some big names reporting on this. There are also dozens more examples of major media outlets amplifying Mr. Wozniaks cries for retaining the analog headphone jack.so obvious

Overall, we at Lightning Cans can’t really believe the amount of hype Wozniak’s cries are causing, for a multitude of reasons, first and foremost amongst them is that his statements are perhaps some of the most “no shit Sherklock” words ever uttered by mankind.

People Need Pushing to Adopt New Tech

Woz, god bless him, seems a little behind the curve on the macro socio-economic principals that drive consumer technology. The average lay person does not have the technological aptitude to dictate to Apple what it should develop next, nor do they want to. The average lay person wants Apple to tell them what they need next. They recognize companies like Apple as progressive and cutting edge and thus sit back and consume what Apple delivers to them. People are conservative in nature. If it weren’t for pushing cars wouldn’t have seat belts, we’d all be watching VHS tapes and driving cars that get 12 miles to the gallon.¬†long live 3.5mm jacks

Stating that people will be “ticked off” at the loss of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is about as obvious as a statement as saying people won’t want to buy Bluray DVD players or replace their CD collection with MP3s. Thankfully, as stated above, the masses aren’t in the position or want to be in the position to dictate the future of technology, they simply consume it, even if they initially begrudge it.


Shiny Object Syndrome and Memory Loss

Will there be tens of thousands of whiners upset over Apple eliminating the analog headphone jack? Of course. However, once lightning powered headsets become the “norm”, they will instantly forget about their brief little tantrums. Consumers, ESPECIALLY Apple users and smartphone power users have hardcore Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS. Anytime something new and “revolutionary” comes out they instantly forget about their previous woes or gripes.lost headphone jack

Once people get a taste of the higher audio quality of their lightning connected audio devices, or use the cool smart features some headphones will incorporate, they’ll fall in love and praise Apple for their tough decision making. Hell, even Wozniak, once he tries some quality lightning powered headphones will probably recant his “sky is falling” statements.

In the long run, ditching the analog jack is only logical. Analog is going the way of many other forms of old tech; to hipster basements. Some will always tout the superiority of vinyl audio, of naturally aspirated engines, of¬†unpasteurized milk and so forth, and that’s fine, because there will always be a market for these things. There are adaptors available for the iPhone 7 so you can keep using your now “retro” 3.5mm headphones/earbuds.

People will continue to use analog far into the future, however a wireless age is steadily approaching and we all better jump on at one point or another because resistance to the evolution of technology is, well, futile.

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