iPhone Lightning Headphones Reviewed


why airpods

Why Apple’s Missing a Huge Opportunity with their Airpods

Like many Apple firsts, the day the futuristic little Bluetooth ear buds called “Airpods” were revealed was a momentous occasion. Sure, they may not have been the very first consumer wireless ear buds but like many of Apple’s hallmark products, they were well refined and launched with a good serving of hype as well. Journalists and tech bloggers ate it

Ultimate Ears

Lightning Cable for Ultimate Ears With SL Connector

The dropping of the headphone jack shook the audiophile community to its core. You could not find a group of people who could care less about the saves space or more compact “design factor” achieved by removing the headphone jack. To them, that jack was sacrosanct.  Apple offered a half hearted solution in the form of yet another over-priced dongle.

db magix

A Review of New Lightning Gear from dB MAGIX

Bursting onto the international electronics scene in October of 2017 at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong. If you haven’t heard of that particular tech event don’t worry, neither had we. What really caught our attention though were some rather innovative audio devices from upstart dB Magix Technology. dB Magix is a subsidiary of Shenzhen based

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

Sennheiser Launches First True Smart Headset

It has been over a year now since Apple first announced they were dropping the headphone jack from popular iPhone models. The Future Is Finally Here… While it seemed the entire world felt the sky was falling, Lightning Cans chose to look on the sunny side and actually got pretty excited about the potential new technology that could arise from

campfire audio

Alo Audio Lightning MMXC Cable for Campfire Audio

Portland Oregon based audiophile manufacturer Alo Audio has become the latest high end in-ear monitor maker to release their own high-end lightning-terminated MMXC cable for use in their super-premium Campfire Audio IEMs. Known as the “Litz Cable” this expert-quality cable has been redesigned to know also come in Apples own lightning connector type for iPhone and iPad users. The lightning-terminated

airpod alteratives

Best AirPod Alternatives | The Bluetooth Earbud Guide

With so many different brands offering what they call the best headphones you can get, it can be difficult to figure out which ones really are the best, and which are the best deal. Some of these headsets can get pretty expensive, and they are not always better than some of the less expensive sets. Today we are going to

arcam musicboost s

Arcam MusicBoost S DAC Review

When it comes to headphone amplifiers, none are quite as unusual as the Arcam MusicBoost S DAC. This is because it is a device that does not just one job, but several of them. It also features a built-in DAC and battery pack, while also having a design that fits the iPhone like a glove, protecting it from damage. Usually,

iphone X

Best Lightning Headphones for New iPhone Models

Finally, the design overhaul we have all been waiting for has been bestowed upon the masses, satiating our need for the latest and greatest from the wizards at Apple. From the new OLED screen to the dazzling tech hidden within the new form factor, the iPhone 8 is truly impressive, not to mention the all new future-proof iPhone X. Still,

FiiO Overview

The FiiO i1 DAC/AMP: Much Better Than A Dongle

It Is Finally Time To “Dump Your Dongle” When Apple made the big decision to get rid of their original headphone jack, people panicked. The thought of having to give up your favorite pair of headphones or earphones is nightmarish, especially if they belong to a brand that you have used for years. The solution apple provided, another over-priced dongle,

tidal hifi

Tidal The Best Music Streaming App for iPhones?

There are hundreds of different streaming services in countries all around the world. You have Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Tidal vs. Pandora ad infinitum.. Some of these services are specifically designed for particular devices, whereas others can be used on almost anything. These services are also usually owned by small companies, at least they start that way, and many,

1More Triple Drivers

World’s First Triple Driver Lightning Earbuds

With the market being flooded by what are essentially different color variants of the same crappy lightning cable earbuds it is getting confusing for audio lovers to differentiate between fly-by-night schemes and good, honest consumer audio brands. Luckily for you, the reader, the nerds at Lightningcans.com have no lives (outside of Reddit and scrabble with our mothers) and have sifted

viotek aqua overview

Viotek Aqua Lightning Port Stereo Earbuds Reviewed

Lightning specific headphones have been on the rise ever since consumers stopped grumbling and finally accepted that their new iPhone won’t have a headphone jack. While some are still holding out and using an adapter dongle, there are becoming more and more reasons to finally give up the dongle and finally get a pair of dedicated lightning headphones. The Aqua


New Dynamic Range Earbuds from Scosche

If you are are a reader of this blog then the name Scosche is probably a familiar one to you. Back in December Scosche was the first to make a 2.5mm to lightning cable that allowed Bose listeners a more convenient way to pair their wired headsets with their new Apple products. Called the “Strikeline” it has gone one to

iPhone 8 wireless charging

iPhone 8 Will Allow Charging & Listening Capabilities

It’s no secret, this blog is written by people who L-O-V-E lightning-cable headphones. Why? Well it could be because the high-res sound you get out of headphones with a lightning cable is objecively fantastic sounding. Another reason for our love of lightning connected cans is because, well they are connected and NOT bluetooth. Bluetooth (and thus Apple Airpods) is great

Rayz Plus

Pioneer’s Innovative Rayz Plus Review

Finally, Someone’s Made a Set of Truly Smart Headphones This blog was founded on the belief that the technology delivered via modern smartphones and smart connection types would spark a revolution in what is otherwise known as a backward facing industry: headphones. Sure, there have been cool designs, cool colors and hey, Bluetooth has gotten a bit better, but for