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Lightning Headphones

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Lightning Powered Sony MDR1ADAC/B Prestige Reviewed

If you walked any major American metropolitan area today you’d think the sky was falling. How will life go on with iPhones without headphone jacks? (Funny how concerned we are about our iPhones and not concerned with things like, oh, say the war in Syria, starving African children or the spreading of the Zika virus.) Well, believe it or not,

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Apple Airpods

So in case you’ve been living under a rock Apple just finished up a big product launch event in which they unleashed the new iPhone 7 upon the world, which looks pretty dope and comes in a super-soft scratch-loving gloss black version. As expected, it also finally made it official that they’ve dropped the headphone jack and also designed wireless

Lightning audio quality

Is Lightning Audio Quality Better?

***Updated January 2019: There is now video evidence supporting the technical claims made in this article where average listeners did a blind test of regular headphones and Lightning powered headphones. Scroll to the bottom for the video update. There are a lot of positives about the ditching of the analog headphone jack, first of which is just that, because it

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Brightech Pure Lightning Review

Upgrade to Lightning Audio Without Breaking The Bank If you’ve been reading the news you probably know there are already a few good options of headphones on the market designed specifically for use with the jackless iPhone 7. Many of the first models on the market however are produced by high-end audio companies that are designed more for serious audiophiles

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Lightning In The Gym: JBL Reflect Aware Overview

Up¬†Your Fitness Game with¬†Lightning Cable Sport Earphones If you’re serious about working out, whether that be in a gym or jogging the local streets, then you understand the importance of having a dedicated headset for exercise. The market for sport headphones has boomed in recent years as the fitness industry in general has grown. There are different models with a

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Lightning Connected Headphones Reviewed 2020

Death to dongles! Here Here! You came here because you’re looking to expand your listening horizons and get a pair of lightning-cabled cans that will work with your new iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR. (what a mouthful) >Click here to jump to the headphone comparison chart! We cut to the chase and tell you about the top options