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Lightning Earbuds

Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable

You Can Now Plug Shure Earbuds Directly Into Lightning Devices

Well, CES is underway and as we predicted, some big name, high end headphone manufacturers are coming out swinging with new cable types designed to accommodate the masses of Apple users out there. The reasons big name brands are going out of their way to make Lightning-connected cables and devices are simple. A Cable Revolution is Underfoot First, the all-digital

Spigen headphones

Spigen Launches Earbuds that Look Just Like Other Lightning Earbuds

Spigen, the iPhone accessory giant that has made a name for itself with it’s wide variety of quality and affordable smartphone cases has entered the electronics market. This was a bit of a surprise to some, but really shouldn’t be as Spigen has dabbled in things like Apple Watch stands and a battery bank with a built-in LED flashlight. Now

24hour earbuds reviewed

Top 3 Worst Lightning Earbuds to Avoid Buying

We’ve already reviewed some of the leading headsets currently on the market that come with Lightning cables standard, from cheaper earbud options to high end over-ear audiophile options. As of publication, there are currently FANTASTIC options available from JBL, Audeze, Philips and Sony. We’re also expecting exciting things from Libratone very soon as well. The Good, The Bad, and the

lightning audiophile survey

Lightning Coming to Audiophiles in 2020

There has been a lot of hype about the headphone-jack-less iPhone 7 and speculation it is a minimalist trend that will continue to grow, both inside Apple’s ecosystem and in the PC/Android world as well with the proliferation of the USB-C type connector. Samsung has been widely reported to have been working on their own connector type to replace the

Bose quietcomfort 20 compared

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Reviewed

Noise cancelling, when it works well it seems to be something akin to magic. For anyone who has tried sound cancelling headphones and then tried to switch back to regular headphones you know it’s like trying to go from Blu-ray back to VHS quality. Yeah, noise cancelling earphones are that awesome. 2 Main Types of Sound Cancelling First off, not

Q Adapt Review

Libratone Q Adapt Earbuds Reviewed

Companies are racing to introduce headphones and earbuds uniquely designed to take advantage of the benefits of a cable that can transmit both data and power, like the Lightning cord does. Apple’s iPhone 7 launch seems to have caught most headphone manufacturers by surprise given how few quality options there are on the market. Sure, many iPhone 7 users are

airpod charging case

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Apple Airpods

So in case you’ve been living under a rock Apple just finished up a big product launch event in which they unleashed the new iPhone 7 upon the world, which looks pretty dope and comes in a super-soft scratch-loving gloss black version. As expected, it also finally made it official that they’ve dropped the headphone jack and also designed wireless

JBL Reflect Aware Black

Lightning In The Gym: JBL Reflect Aware Overview

Up¬†Your Fitness Game with¬†Lightning Cable Sport Earphones If you’re serious about working out, whether that be in a gym or jogging the local streets, then you understand the importance of having a dedicated headset for exercise. The market for sport headphones has boomed in recent years as the fitness industry in general has grown. There are different models with a