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Finally, a Lightning Cable for Bose Headphones

Now you can finally connect your trusty Bose headphones to your brand new iPhone 7/7 Plus! (Or iPad or iPod..)

No, Bose has not released a pair of lightning cable headphones. But we have the next best thing, an aftermarket adapter cable made by a 3rd party that integrates a DAC and amp, and looks swank too!

Bose-to-Lightning Cable Finally Arrives

Bose, one of the titans of the consumer grade hifi headphone industry, made world famous by business class travelers and their amazingly effective QuietComfort headphones.

Bose has built a solid reputation for itself making some the best active noise cancelling headphones that can be picked up everywhere from Target to Amazon to your local international airport.

We’ve covered what we think to be some of the best sound cancelling ear buds before and we’ve also talked about great high end Lightning connected over-ear headphones, but what we haven’t talked about are over-ear, noise cancelling, Lightning cable headphones. Until now.

No, Bose hasn’t begun manufacturing headsets with built in Lightning cables to work with the masses of new happy iPhone 7 owners. We wouldn’t be surprised if this happens, as there are a whole multitude of advantages of Lighting audio over analog and Bluetooth.

In the meantime, a third party manufacturer has stepped up to the plate and made a replacement Bose headphone cable that has a Lightning connected tip.

SCOSCHE StrikeLine 3.5mm Stereo Cable with Controls - Black
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SCOSCHE StrikeLine 3.5mm Stereo Cable with Controls - Black
  • PROBLEM SOLVED - With Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, this adapter allows you to connect your iPhone to your favorite devices with a 3.5mm Aux-In adapter, like headphones, your car stereo, or portable speakers
  • ENHANCED AUDIO QUALITY - Direct connection from Lightning to USB delivers outstanding quality without any manipulation of the audio signal
  • CONTROLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Integrated control buttons allow you to play, pause, track forward, track back and adjust volume without unlocking your iPhone
  • HANDS-FREE CALLS - With the in-line integrated microphone and controls, you can take voice calls or access Siri through your favorite headphones
  • INCLUDES MUSIC PLAYER APP - Download the optional free Scosche Player and Firmware Update App to ensure ongoing iOS compatibility. Note that this app is NOT required to use this cable

This cord is made specifically to work with Bose headsets, with one end connecting to the headset itself via 2.5mm plug, and the other end connecting to your iPhone 7, iPad or iPod via Lightning connector.

Scosche Strikeline CableUnspecified/ All 3.5mm Input Devices
New Neomusicia CableSennheiser HD 598 Cs
Sennheiser HD598
Sennheiser HD558
Sennheiser HD518
Sennheiser HD599
Sennheiser HD569
Sennheiser HD579
Audio Technica ATH-M50x
Audio Technica ATH-M40x
Audio Technica ATH-M70x
Shure Remote + Mic Lightning CableShure SE215
Shure SE315
Shure SE425
Shure SE535
Shure SE846
Ablet Lightning CableBose QuietComfort 25
Bose QuietComfort 35
Bose QuietComfort OE2
Audeze Cipher CableAudeze Sine
Audeze EL-8 Titanium
Audeze iSine 20
Audeze iSine 10

The adapter cord, called “Strikeline”, made by electronics giant Scosche, has all the functions you’d expect out of a Lightning-enabled Bose headset.

Seamless “Stock Looking” Connecting

The Strikeline look snice. It’s all black, minimally branded, and looks like it came with the Bose headphones they’re designed to work with.

Now you can make your Bose “lightning-capable” by simply swapping out your 2.5-to-3.5mm cord with the Strikeline 2.5-to-Lightning cord for a sleak, “manufacturer” looking upgrade.Bose with iphone 7

In-line Controls and Microphone

It wouldn’t be a real “upgrade” if you had to sacrifice the ability to adjust volume and answer calls when switching to Lightning. Scosche made sure to integrate a very subtle control so you can take full advantage of Siri on your iPhone 7 or iPad when using your Bose headphones.

Dedicated Sound Adjustment App

With the Strikeline cable comes Scosche’s own music app that allows you to more finely tune your digital music. (remember, Lightning is all digital compared to the old 3.5 jack which was analog)lightning adapter

Overall, the Strikeline is pretty dope and a solid solution for anyone trying to figure out how to use their headphones with their new Apple product.. or for people who just don’t like dongles and think Airpods are dumb, which is most of us.

You can grab your own Strikeline upgrade straight off Amazon, and presumably, from a local electronics retailer near you soon.

Last update on 2018-07-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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