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iPhone 8 wireless charging

iPhone 8 Will Allow Charging & Listening Capabilities

It’s no secret, this blog is written by people who L-O-V-E lightning-cable headphones. Why? Well it could be because the high-res sound you get out of headphones with a lightning cable is objecively fantastic sounding.

Another reason for our love of lightning connected cans is because, well they are connected and NOT bluetooth. Bluetooth (and thus Apple Airpods) is great for the gym or people who only listen to riff-raff, however anyone who enjoys deep, inspiring bass and crystal clear highs knows cables are where it is at.

stupid airpods

gone.. as in they fell out.

Even if you agree with the above statements, you might still proclaim “yeah.. sure.. but if I plug headphones into my iPhone then I can’t charge it!”. First, there are actually a plethora of options that will let you charge and listen to music at the same time, even though this realistically only makes up a tiny fraction of your time spent using your iPhone.

Second, and more importantly however, is recent news that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging. This is being hyped as “Apple is bringing back the headphone jack for the iPhone 8”, but that’s not technically true. What this DOES mean is there will be a single lightning port (yes, the iPhone 8 will stick with the 3.5-jackless minimalist port design) that can be used for enjoying music while your phone simultaneously charges via wireless charging.

Yup, wireless charging for the iPhone 8, nothing groundbreaking, but will undoubtably be labeled a “revolution” by Tim Cook.

There. Happy? You now have zero excuses for upgrading your old-school, outdated headphones to a fancy new pair of “smart” lightning headphones. Check out our review page for an overview of all the top models, both over-ear and earbud styles, from simple options to advanced models with active noise cancelling, we cover it all.

You are welcome.

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