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New Report: People Still Unhappy About Loss of Headphone Jack


A new report published by Phonearena would seem to indicate that over a year since Apple took the “brave” step of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack people are STILL quite disgruntled.

Phonearena.com asked people “Which current smartphone trend to you hate the most?

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There is one clear winner of this “most hated” poll…

Out of nearly 3,000 people who completed the poll over 52% said that would be “The headphone jack removal, without a doubt”.

Given the large percentage of votes and the addition of “without a doubt” it is clear that consumers are still unhappy not being able to use their old headphones with their new smartphones, nor does anyone seem particularly beside themselves over the “dongle solution” either.

Fortunately for iPhone owners at least, headphone manufacturers are heeding the call for cabled alternatives to dongles and stupid Airpods.

In fact, there are a whole variety of lightning-cabled headphone options currently on the market, at all price ranges. These include in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear styles.

Besides being flat out way more convenient than battery-powered bluetooth options, lightning cable headphones also come with the benefit of being able to seamlessly integrate amplifiers and hi-res digital-analog-converters. All this results in a listening experience far superior to both Bluetooth and old 3.5mm cabled options.


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