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Alo Audio Lightning MMXC Cable for Campfire Audio

Portland Oregon based audiophile manufacturer Alo Audio has become the latest high end in-ear monitor maker to release their own high-end lightning-terminated MMXC cable for use in their super-premium Campfire Audio IEMs.

Known as the “Litz Cable” this expert-quality cable has been redesigned to know also come in Apples own lightning connector type for iPhone and iPad users.

The lightning-terminated option joins the list of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm varieties.

The lightning Litz (utilizing the Litz wire type) itself comes in both a plane cable and also a 3-way remote + mic variety for more mobile users.

The fundamental qualities of the Litz stay the same regardless of termination type, meaning the cables are made of individually enameled strands of silver plated copper. Four conductors are then armored with a high-quality medical-grade PVC jacket.

Litz lightning cable

This results in user-friendly flexion as well as reliable, long-term resistance to oxidation and sound degredation.

The MMCX end of the cables are all made of beryllium copper which gives them near endless longevity and strength against pull-life wear and tear.

These cables are now available directly from Alo Audio via their official website.

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