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JBL Reflect Aware Black

Best Earbuds For iPhone Compared 2020

Best Lightning Cable Earbud Options For Apple fans that are on the go and want an earbud that they can use on their commute, at the office AND at the gym, there are really two big winners you should check out. First Place are the Libratone Q Adapt Earbuds. They were some of the first lightning-specific buds with active noise

Apple W2 Chip

One Chip To Rule Them All: Understanding Apple’s W1 Chip

Apple uses many different types of chips for their various mobile devices. Chips are categorized by a single letter. A-series chipsets are designated “Systems on Chip” or SoC for short and are ARM-based processing cores (CPUs). These form the brain of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Apple TVs. S-series chips are “System in Package” or SiP processors. System refers to

vinci 2.0 colors

Revolutionary Vinci Smart Headphones Compared

As we predicted immediately after the news that rocked the world that Apple was dropping the headphone jack, the world of headphones is getting quite interesting. With a fragmented connector type market and new advances in “smart headphone” technology there are an every increasing dazzling variety of new headphones to review. Well, tech startup Vinci, which in Italian translates roughly

airpod alteratives

Best AirPod Alternatives | The Bluetooth Earbud Guide

With so many different brands offering what they call the best headphones you can get, it can be difficult to figure out which ones really are the best, and which are the best deal. Some of these headsets can get pretty expensive, and they are not always better than some of the less expensive sets. Today we are going to