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Best Lightning to 3.5mm Jack Adapters

How to Keep You Old Headphones With Your iPhone 7

Let’s face it: change is difficult. At every turn in life change requires letting go of the old and bravely adopting the new.

Sure, if you’ve invested any considerable amount of money in quality headphones or earphones over the years the fact that the iPhone 7 dropped the 3.5mm jack will be a little “frustrating” to say the least.

From $800 audiophile quality headsets to $1K+ custom molded earbuds, millions of headsets will be rendered “ancient” when paired with new Apple smartphones. However, as many buddhists would say, this pain is only temporary, one of many along our path of enlightenment.

One day we will live in a world where lightning cable headphones are abundant and all their benefits are fully appreciated by the masses.

But until then, we got our new phones and our old headphones and we have to make them work.

Apple provided an adaptor but between our earbuds for the gym, our desk headphones and our work computers, we will be needing more than just one 3.5mm cable adaptor or “dongle” as Apple likes to call them. Thankfully, people are already providing solutions!

Best Lightning-to-3.5mm Jack Dongles Compared

Apple Dongle

A video out of Vietnam has surfaces with a hands-on trial of what appears to be the official lightning dongle that Apple will ship with the iPhone 7.

It’s pretty simple and looks like all the other Apple produces, plus Apple manufacturer sweetheart Foxconn has factories in Vietnam as well, so all signs point to this being the official adapter for the iPhone 7.

Third-Party Dongles

Given how Apples ecosystem operates and how they encourage third party companies to build around them and further re-enforce their market share, it’s only logical there will be a wide variety of upgraded lightning-3.5mm jack adapters on the market.

This unit below was discovered by GSMArena at this years Computex show.

It appears to be a lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter with the inclusion of inline volume and perhaps even mic control. We can assume many of these types of adapters will include built in amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters since the lightning cable is powered. Exciting stuff no?




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