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Why The Dongle Shouldn’t Be The Best Selling Apple Accessory

Big waves were made in the tech sphere this week when Joshua Fruhlinger and Andrew Thompson from Ceros released a very beautiful visual report announcing that Apple’s much-hated Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter (dongle) was actually their best selling product. Which is odd, because if you weren’t told as much you’d assume people absolutely hate the headphone dongle… The dongle isn’t the

Griffin iTrip Clip review

How To Make Wired Headphones Wireless With Bluetooth Transmitters

Whether you have already dropped a big pile of cash on your expensive earphones or you just don’t like any of the Lightning connected options currently on market, getting a Bluetooh headphone adapter helps you bridge the awkward transition time between headphone jack iPhones and the headphone jack-less iPhone 7. What is a bluetooth headphone adaptor exactly? Well, they are

AudioQuest Dragonfly

Audioquest Dragonfly Series: Best Micro-DACs?

Do you love high quality audio? Do you work a lot from a laptop? Do you hate big bulky amplifiers and DACs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Dragonfly USB DAC might be just the thing for you. The All-Time Champion Of Laptop Micro DACs Lightning Cans is dedicated to the pursuit of a purer

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Lightning Gear from Advanced AcousticWerkes

For those who don’t know, Advanced AcousticWerkers, more commonly just referred to as AAW, is a Singaporean-based high-end audio company famous for their high-end IEMs and innovative, crowdfunded Capri cable. The Capri is a Hi-res lightning cable with built in DAC and amplifier that connects lightning-only Apple devices to IEMs and CIEMs via MMCX/2Pin ports. In short, AAW makes it

Ultimate Ears

Lightning Cable for Ultimate Ears With SL Connector

The dropping of the headphone jack shook the audiophile community to its core. You could not find a group of people who could care less about the saves space or more compact “design factor” achieved by removing the headphone jack. To them, that jack was sacrosanct.  Apple offered a half hearted solution in the form of yet another over-priced dongle.

db magix

A Review of New Lightning Gear from dB MAGIX

Bursting onto the international electronics scene in October of 2017 at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong. If you haven’t heard of that particular tech event don’t worry, neither had we. What really caught our attention though were some rather innovative audio devices from upstart dB Magix Technology. dB Magix is a subsidiary of Shenzhen based

arcam musicboost s

Arcam MusicBoost S DAC Review

When it comes to headphone amplifiers, none are quite as unusual as the Arcam MusicBoost S DAC. This is because it is a device that does not just one job, but several of them. It also features a built-in DAC and battery pack, while also having a design that fits the iPhone like a glove, protecting it from damage. Usually,

FiiO Overview

The FiiO i1 DAC/AMP: Much Better Than A Dongle

It Is Finally Time To “Dump Your Dongle” When Apple made the big decision to get rid of their original headphone jack, people panicked. The thought of having to give up your favorite pair of headphones or earphones is nightmarish, especially if they belong to a brand that you have used for years. The solution apple provided, another over-priced dongle,

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New Lightning to 2.5mm Adapters for Popular Headphone Models

While we here at Lightning Cans are much more excited about the new headphones models coming out specifically designed to take full advantage of the powered lightning connector, like the affordable Philips Fidelio or stellar Audeze Sine’s. These types of headphones were designed from the outset to capitalize on the power supplied through the lightning connector by integrating amplifiers, DACs

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Finally, a Lightning Cable for Bose Headphones

Now you can finally connect your trusty Bose headphones to your brand new iPhone 11! or iPad Pro No, Bose has not released a pair of lightning cable headphones. Yes, this is surprising, especially seeing how the Bose 700 redesigned flagship model JUST came out, but alas, all that comes with the headphones is a standard 3.5mm audio jack.. which

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Throw Away Your Adapter and Power Bank and Get This Instead

Unfortunately, there has yet to be a massive release of Lightning equipped high-end audio headsets to compliment the all-Lightning iPhone 7. So far, music aficionados have pretty much just the Philips Fidelio, Audeze EL-8 Titanium and Audeze Sine to choose from in terms of anything that comes close to audiophile quality. If none of those suit your fancy or you’re


3 Creative Uses for your Old Outdated Headphones

Alright, that title was a little harsh, but seriously.. The Lightning cable slash USB-C slash Bluetooth era is officially upon us. With Samsung announcing the development of their own proprietary connector for headphones, it seems quite certain that everyone’s old headphones will become redundant. You are super excited about your new iPhone 7/7 Plus and love how thin and sleek

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3 Ways Listen to Music while Charging an iPhone 7

Dropping a headphone jack has been a massive event. Not only is requiring users to listen to music via a Lightning port controversial, but it also creates a problem many power-users immediately recognized; how can I listen to music and charge my phone at the same time? Some may say this is a foolish question. I mean, when you’re out

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Best Lightning to 3.5mm Jack Adapters

How to Keep You Old Headphones With Your iPhone 7 Let’s face it: change is difficult. At every turn in life change requires letting go of the old and bravely adopting the new. Sure, if you’ve invested any considerable amount of money in quality headphones or earphones over the years the fact that the iPhone 7 dropped the 3.5mm jack