iPhone Lightning Headphones Reviewed


Why Does this Website Exist?

This website exists to explore the rapidly growing sub-category of Lightning-connected headphones, monitors and earbuds. The technology and its potential make for what amounts to “smart headphones”. So, just as “smartphones” “smartwatches” and “smartglasses” are differentiated from old fashioned “normal” phones, watches and glasses, so thus are Lightning headphones.

Who Writes for LightningCans?

Anyone skilled enough to compose their own unique analysis and enterprising enough to reach out to us and ask.

How are Topics Chosen?

Long showers are taken and topics choose themselves during that time.

Why do you Think you are Better than my Favorite Audiophile Forum?

Why do you make this presumption?

Can I write for you?

No, if you are reading this question you skipped the answer to the second question and thus disqualified yourself. However, given todays journalistic standards, we fully expect you to lie and pretend you never read this questions in the first place.

Do you Hate 3.5MM Analog Headphones?

Not at all. We plan to be buried with our trusty ATH-M50s.

What’s your Favorite Color?

Forest Green.


Don’t feel like you know enough “about us” yet? Then shoot us a message on our Contact Page or better yet just go get a life.