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Capri lightning cable

Lightning Gear from Advanced AcousticWerkes

For those who don’t know, Advanced AcousticWerkers, more commonly just referred to as AAW, is a Singaporean-based high-end audio company famous for their high-end IEMs and innovative, crowdfunded Capri cable.

The Capri is a Hi-res lightning cable with built in DAC and amplifier that connects lightning-only Apple devices to IEMs and CIEMs via MMCX/2Pin ports. In short, AAW makes it possible to use superb quality CIEMs with new lightning-port-only Apple devices.

From AAW’s own About Page:

AAW is recognized by the audiophile and professional community for our exquisite hybrid drive technology and bespoke custom in-ear monitor products, during which course we have successfully attracted a diverse clientele consists of pro-musicians, audio engineers as well as serious audiophiles. We have accumulated vast experience and expertise in sound engineering and human ergonomics by working closely with several otolaryngologists as well as professional musicians.

Their original project on Indigogo for developing the Capri cable exceeded initial funding goals by 225%, pushing the innovative new cable into production. We have to admit, the cable looks very polished and is desperately needed for audio lovers who lost mobility when Apple dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Lightning IEM AAW

AAW make a wide variety of IEM to suit a variety of needs, all of which can utilize either an old 3.5mm-terminated MMCX/2Pin cable or the new lightning-terminated to MMCX/2Pin Capri cable.

Earphones range from more utilitarian and low-profile options to more expensive, exquisitely designed audiophile custom in ear monitors (CIEMs). All their products are quality made, MFi certified and oftentimes even come with free worldwide shipping. Who can’t get behind that?

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Also in AAW’s stable of audio wizardry is a sleek access port adapter that allows Apple users to charge their iPhone while simultaneously enjoying high res audio, courtesy of a built-in DAC and amplifier of course! It absolutely blows Apple’s dongle out of the water, both in utilitarian function as well as design. (It’s black, we like black)

lightning charger amp port adapter

Not only hands down more functional than Apple’s dongle solution, we think this black adapter looks nicer too.

Overall very impressed with AAW and hope they continue to grow the international brand loyalty and recognition they deserve. You can peruse all of AAW’s products at their official website: https://www.aaw.me/


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