iPhone Lightning Headphones Reviewed
Q Adapt Review

Best Headphone Options For iPhone 9, XS and XS Plus

Table of Contents Best Lightning Headphones Under $100Best Lightning Headphones Under $500Best lightning Headphones Under $1,000Lightning Cans Summary Well, another year and another incremental evolution for Apple’s iPhones. Whether you

no headphone jack iPad Pro

Apple Pushing Headphone Jack Into Extinction With New iPad Pro, iPhones

It’s been been almost one year now since Apple took the “brave step” to remove the much beloved, and much mourned 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 8, iPhone 8

Griffin iTrip Clip review

How To Make Wired Headphones Wireless With Bluetooth Transmitters

Table of Contents Top Drawbacks of Going WirelessTop Benefits of Going WirelessBest Bluetooth Transmitters For 3.5mm HeadphonesAntec AMP Smart BeanAMAKE MiniGriffin iTrip Clip Whether you have already dropped a big

AudioQuest Dragonfly

Audioquest Dragonfly Series: Best Micro-DACs?

Table of Contents The All-Time Champion Of Laptop Micro DACsDragonfly Black vs. Dragonfly Red vs. FiiO i1 – What’s The Difference?AudioQuest & Apple BundlesApple Lightning to USB Adapter BundleApple Lightning

nuraphone review

Nuraphones Reviewed – World’s Smartest Lightning Cans?

Table of Contents What’s Does “Nuraphone” Mean?Truly Innovative DesignWhat About Noise Cancellation?Technical SpecificationsAre They Worth The Money? We are a little obsessed with headphones, in case it wasn’t already obvious.

vinci 2.0 colors

Revolutionary Vinci Smart Headphones Compared

As we predicted immediately after the news that rocked the world that Apple was dropping the headphone jack, the world of headphones is getting quite interesting. With a fragmented connector

smartphone rage

New Report: People Still Unhappy About Loss of Headphone Jack

  A new report published by Phonearena would seem to indicate that over a year since Apple took the “brave” step of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack people are STILL

isine LX

iSINE LX is Audeze’s Most Affordable Planar Magnetic In-Ear Yet!

Audeze, the company whose biggest claim to fame is being one of biggest headphone companies high-end to offer planar magnetic technology, not just in over-ear form but in in-ear form

Capri lightning cable

Lightning Gear from Advanced AcousticWerkes

For those who don’t know, Advanced AcousticWerkers, more commonly just referred to as AAW, is a Singaporean-based high-end audio company famous for their high-end IEMs and innovative, crowdfunded Capri cable.

why airpods

Why Apple’s Missing a Huge Opportunity with their Airpods

Like many Apple firsts, the day the futuristic little Bluetooth ear buds called “Airpods” were revealed was a momentous occasion. Sure, they may not have been the very first consumer

Ultimate Ears

Lightning Cable for Ultimate Ears With SL Connector

The dropping of the headphone jack shook the audiophile community to its core. You could not find a group of people who could care less about the saves space or

db magix

A Review of New Lightning Gear from dB MAGIX

Table of Contents The AC1 Drip AmpThe AC3 FluteThe PLX1 Lightning Cable EarbudsThe Lightning Cans Conclusion Bursting onto the international electronics scene in October of 2017 at the Global Sources

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

Sennheiser Launches First True Smart Headset

Table of Contents The Future Is Finally Here…Meet the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset!What is the Ambeo Headset?A Perfect Mobile Video Recording Smart HeadsetAmbeo a Peak Into the Future? It has

campfire audio

Alo Audio Lightning MMXC Cable for Campfire Audio

Portland Oregon based audiophile manufacturer Alo Audio has become the latest high end in-ear monitor maker to release their own high-end lightning-terminated MMXC cable for use in their super-premium Campfire

airpod alteratives

Best AirPod Alternatives | The Bluetooth Earbud Guide

Table of Contents Round #1: BeatsX vs PowerBeats 3BeatsXPowerBeats 3Round #2: BeatsX vs AirPodsBeatsXApple AirPodsRound #3: Beats Solo2 vs JayBird X3Beats Solo2JayBird X3Round #4: JayBird X3 vs PowerBeats 3JayBird X3PowerBeats