iPhone Lightning Headphones Reviewed
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Best Over Ear Headphones for iPhone 2020

Best Budget On-Ear: Philips Fidelio M2L/27 High Resolution Headphones For those seeking a more premium audio listening experience should check out the Fidelio’s by Philips, which we reviewed previously here. Philips is well known in the electronics industry for producing quality, reliable products at respectable prices (unlike others out there that run thousands of dollars). The Fidelio’s are true to the Philips

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Best Earbuds For iPhone Compared 2020

Best Lightning Cable Earbud Options For Apple fans that are on the go and want an earbud that they can use on their commute, at the office AND at the gym, there are really two big winners you should check out. First Place are the Libratone Q Adapt Earbuds. They were some of the first lightning-specific buds with active noise

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Top 5 Benefits of Lightning Cable Headphones

Yes, it is NOT all doom and gloom when it comes to the new lightning headphones. Sure, from the cynics perspective, removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 is just another way for Apple to lock users into it’s ecosystem of expensive aluminum-finished products. Now it turns out the iPhone 8, X, XS, XS Max and XR all are

Kingston Bolt 3

Kingston Bolt 3.0 USB and Lightning Memory Stick

Memory…it’s something none of us can ever get enough of. From internal device storage to cloud storage to the trusty, if not all too often misplaced memory stick. Well, perhaps “stick” isn’t the best word to describe Kingston’s Bolt 3.0 thumb drive. Because the Bolt 3.0 does double duty as both a traditional USB-memory stick as well as a Lightning-tipped

Belkin BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable 1

Belkin BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable

CES has always been a heck of an event, as CES always is. From Samsungs tidal wave of curved ultra HD screens to other smaller, more humble, yet equally impressive tech, like the Belkin’s all new BoostCharge USB-C to Lightning cable. Yes, Belkin has released a MFi (that’s official Apple manufacturer approved) cable that on one end is a USB-C

Vmoda for iPhone

V-Moda SpeakEasy Lightning Cable Review

Lightning cables. We all about them. We’ve covered replacement cables made by 3rd party manufacturers for many popular high-end headphones including replacement lightning cables for: Sennheiser  Shure Bose Ultimate Ear IEMs Campfire Audio IEMs One company you don’t see on this list however is the much lauded V-Moda, maker of the EDM community’s perennial favorite CrossFade cans. With the release of

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Best Qi Wireless Chargers for New Apple Products

Wireless is the way of the future. We’ve already said a painful goodbye to wired headphones when we lost our old friend the 3.4mm headphone jack. Now how we charge our iPhones, watches, Airpods and iPads is changing as well. Instead of having to dig out your old frayed Lightning cable you can simply put your Apple device on top

Apple W2 Chip

One Chip To Rule Them All: Understanding Apple’s W1 Chip

Apple uses many different types of chips for their various mobile devices. Chips are categorized by a single letter. A-series chipsets are designated “Systems on Chip” or SoC for short and are ARM-based processing cores (CPUs). These form the brain of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Apple TVs. S-series chips are “System in Package” or SiP processors. System refers to

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Why The Dongle Shouldn’t Be The Best Selling Apple Accessory

Big waves were made in the tech sphere this week when Joshua Fruhlinger and Andrew Thompson from Ceros released a very beautiful visual report announcing that Apple’s much-hated Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter (dongle) was actually their best selling product. Which is odd, because if you weren’t told as much you’d assume people absolutely hate the headphone dongle… The dongle isn’t the

Q Adapt Review

Best Headphone Options For iPhone XS, Max & 11 Pro

Well, another year and another incremental evolution for Apple’s iPhones. Whether you are blown away or disappointed, there is no denying the new 2019 iPhone XS, Max, and 11 Pro are solid upgrades from last years first every X model. This is a common theme in technology: the first iteration is rarely the best. The 2017 iPhone X featured a whole

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Apple Pushing Headphone Jack Into Extinction With New iPad Pro, iPhones

It’s been a few years now since Apple took the “brave step” to remove the much beloved, and much mourned 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.. but we still don’t have a great audio solution outside of Bluetooth… Since the dropping of the much loved 3.5mm jack, manufacturers have responded by releasing a

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How To Make Wired Headphones Wireless With Bluetooth Transmitters

Whether you have already dropped a big pile of cash on your expensive earphones or you just don’t like any of the Lightning connected options currently on market, getting a Bluetooh headphone adapter helps you bridge the awkward transition time between headphone jack iPhones and the headphone jack-less iPhone 7. What is a bluetooth headphone adaptor exactly? Well, they are

AudioQuest Dragonfly

Audioquest Dragonfly Series: Best Micro-DACs?

Do you love high quality audio? Do you work a lot from a laptop? Do you hate big bulky amplifiers and DACs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Dragonfly USB DAC might be just the thing for you. The All-Time Champion Of Laptop Micro DACs Lightning Cans is dedicated to the pursuit of a purer

nuraphone review

Nuraphones Reviewed – World’s Smartest Lightning Cans?

We are a little obsessed with headphones, in case it wasn’t already obvious. The difference between stock Apple earpods and a pair of quality headphones can mean the difference between life and death, for your ears! Apple dropped the ball big time by removing the analog headphone jack and thinking “Airpods” were a satisfactory replacement. They were wrong. Fortunately for

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Revolutionary Vinci Smart Headphones Compared

As we predicted immediately after the news that rocked the world that Apple was dropping the headphone jack, the world of headphones is getting quite interesting. With a fragmented connector type market and new advances in “smart headphone” technology there are an every increasing dazzling variety of new headphones to review. Well, tech startup Vinci, which in Italian translates roughly