AKG Courts iPhone Users with the N20LT

When Big News Getting Little Coverage: New Lightning Earphones

CES, massive, exciting, crowded, a deluge of information all at once. With so much going on, and so many new products being released by so many different manufacturers, sometimes big things can get lost in all the noise. For example, we mentioned recently that audiophile in-ear monitor maker SHURE dropped a bomb at CES with the introduction of Lightning tipped cables that users can swap into their existing IEMs so they can use them with newer Apple products. AKG N20LT overview

As it turns out, Shure wasn’t the only audio giant looking to port their acoustic tech over to Apple users. AKG, another audiophile-level headphone maker, owned by Harman & Kardon (who also own JBL, Infinity as well) dropped their own bomb (that nobody heard) in the announcement of their all new N20LT earbuds, which features a Lightning connector that “enables lossless digital audio connection with iOS devices” as stated in their own press release.

N20LT Details

AKG lightning in ear

Photo: http://news.mynavi.jp/articles/2017/01/10/audio_ces2017/

What do we know about the N20LT’s? Well, firs of all, there are two N20 models.. the N20U and the N20LT. AKG hasn’t said what the “U” stands for in the first model, but it can be assumed that the “LT” in “N20LT” stands for “lightning”.

Specs? Well, we know they will feature AKG’s 6.8mm drivers, a built in mic and remote and transmits lossless digital audio directly to the user. They will run $149 and will be available in March 2017.

Congratulations AKG on making the move, as the world desperately needs better options to Apple’s stock earbuds, dongles or dumb Airpods. Also, applause to Harman and Kardon, as this is the second Lightning cable headphones they’ve pushed out, with the fantastic active noise cancelling Active Aware’s from JBL already building a steady following of happy Apple users.